Our Values

Committed to a Responsible Journey

Tolède Body is proud to be ethically, environmentally and charitably conscious.

We are dedicated to creating a considered and unique range. From the ingredients chosen in each formulation, to the packaging your order arrives in, every element of Tolède Body is consciously crafted.

Ensuring our products are made with premium ingredients and are created through responsible and ethical practices, is an essential value of every series.

Unique Formulas

Our formulations have been consciously crafted without any toxins including; silicons, parabens and sulphates. Our ingredients are natural, organic and vegan – with a large focus on native Australian and locally sourced extracts.

Our products seek to enhance your natural glow, whilst remaining un-complicated – with a simple, yet results driven routine.

Sustainability Focused

We are committed to producing our range sustainably. Every component is created with environmental impact in mind – all materials and production partners are consciously chosen to minimise waste and reduce our carbon footprint.

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and our packaging elements are made from natural, recycled or compostable materials where possible.

Ethically Produced

We are committed to ethical production and only partner with responsible manufacturers, suppliers and distributors that follow ethical work practices.

We are proud to manufacture our unique formulas in Australia and will always be honest with you about the origin of our products.

Community Focused

We are committed to giving back to our community by contributing to charities and ensuring our platform is used to raise awareness, generate support and help create positive change.

Our mission is to improve quality of life around the globe, by not only challenging and re-establishing beauty ideals, but also by doing our part on a larger scale.

$1 from each sale is redirected to the charity of your choice at checkout.

Learn more about our charitable partners below.

Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

Our mission at Tolède Body is to celebrate a variety of cultures, races, ages, genders and beliefs.

In order to redefine beauty standards, bodies of all shapes, sizes and abilities need to be championed.

That is why we are committed to showcasing real bodies, real skin and real people.